2-Way Radios

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BK Technologies

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Formerly known as RELM Wireless, BK Technologies builds radios for heroes. The company manufactures communications equipment of unsurpassed reliability and value for use by public safety professionals and government agencies, as well as radios for use in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. As an American manufacturer for over 70 years, BK Technologies advances include a broad new line of leading digital two-way radio communications compliant with APCO Project 25 specifications.


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HYT offer cost-efficient analog, digital 2-way radio, dispatch systems and more.


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Hytera offers cost-efficient analog, digital 2-way radio, dispatch systems and more.


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Icom’s land mobile products are designed for government, industry, and business use. They provide two-way radio communications for police, fire, and other public safety agencies, as well as for security, construction, retail, manufacturing, and other industries. Products range from small hand-held radios, to vehicle-mounted mobile radios, base station equipment, and complete communications systems.


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Kenwood Communications is a leading supplier of two-way radios and communication systems, including Digital Project 25 and Digital Nexedge. It supplies communications for Public Safety, Commercial and Industrial customers in most frequency bands. Products include: portables, mobiles, base stations, repeaters, AVL/GPS components, status, text messaging, email, voice mail, video, conventional, trunking, FM, analog, digital and complete engineering and design of trunking, dispatch and interconnect systems. Applications include conventional, LTR trunking, PassPort, MPT, Nexedge Narrowband Digital and Project 25 FM/digital products.


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Manufacturer and distributor of broad line of CB transceivers, amateur radio transceivers, VHF marine transceivers, VHF power amplifiers, and RF equipment.

RELM Wireless

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RELM Wireless manufactures BK and RELM products. The company has become a go-to solution for issues of interoperability among local, state and federal agencies. Its RDPR (Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater) is versatile and meets the demands of most scenarios. RELM has been building radio communications equipment for more than 60 years. Its focus on quality and extreme durability guides every step, from product development to manufacturing.


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Ritron is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of two-way radio equipment and systems. Ritron specializes in cost-effective, professional-grade handheld radios, callboxes, base stations, OEM data modules and other VHF and UHF wireless communication products.

Rothenbuhler Engineering

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Rothenbuhler Engineering builds robust and sophisticated electronic products; designed to operate in the rugged mining, logging, and other demanding environments. Located in the Northwest, Rothenbuhler is famous for the Talkie Tooter line.


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Sensear offers headsets compatible with the Kenwood NX5000 via Bluetooth® as well as wired connectivity for radios from leading manufacturers like Kenwood and Motorola. Sensear’s innovative SENS® technology is built in to all their products. This provides the users with hearing protection and allows them to communicate while retaining situational awareness. Sensear's offerings include

  • In-ear & over-the-ear solutions in 3 styles (helmet, headband, & behind-the-neck)
  • Intrinsically safe certifications for potentially explosive environments.
  • Bluetooth® communication compatible with radios, tablets, & cell phones.
  • Short range for groups operating within a close distance.
  • The brand new SM1R which was made specifically for use with 2-way radios.


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Tait designs and delivers critical communication solutions for public safety, utility and transport organizations – in demanding environments around the world. Tait offers P25, DMR, MPT 1327 and MPT-IP, and conventional radio systems.


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Vertex offers total system solutions to the world's commercial communication and public safety markets. Products include base repeaters to utility and mobile transceivers, and all meet the strictest national or regional standards. Our products have cleared the U.S. Department of Defense MIL810 standard, the IS (Intrinsically Safe) standard for use in emergency situations, and the ETIS standard in Europe.


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